Even though the skin type of male and female differ, while developing Abja products, the active herbal ingredients are formulated in such a way with which the products show desired effects on both male and female skin types. Therefore, Abja products can be used by both men and women.

Abja Face Oil is developed with specialized Ayurvedic herbal active ingredients to the skin nourishing and glowing effect. It also helps  in muscle toning. To obtain the desired effects, it is advised to perform mild massage on the facial skin by Abja Face Oil.

Abja Face Cream is developed by ayurvedic herbal active ingredients with skin nourishing and glowing effect. Abja Face Cream can be used for under eye skin darkening.

Our skin replenishes itself during night. What ever you put on the skin gets absorbed more during night. Abja face cream, being a very good moisturizer, it can be applied during night to get more benefits.

It is extremely important to moisturizer before applying any makeup.As abja face cream is an excellent moisturizer, which makes the skin soft and smooth. This enhances the overall makeup. As it is a skin friendly ayurvedic cream with natural ingredient, it can protect the skin from harmful chemicals, which may be present in makeup products.

Abja Face Pack has all the ayurvedic herbal medicinal active ingredients suitably formulated to be applied on face. Abja Face Pack is expected to be applied on the face and kept till it dries. Later it is to be cleaned with damped cotton. It is quite possible that on keeping the face pack overnight, the scales of the dry face pack can drop off and they can be harmful, if enter in eyes, also they might spoil the bed-sheets. It is advisable to wait till the Abja Face Pack dry and then clean it with damped cotton. It is also advisable to clean the face with warm water for better results.

Abja Lip Balm is specially developed for all types of lip disorders arise of the winter season. It is formulated by herbal active ingredients prescribed in Ayurveda, which are even suitable for administration by kids. Abja Lip Balm can be used by kids.

Abja Face Oil is formulated with ayurvedic active herbal ingredients which are not harsh on the skin. It has good nourishing effect on the skin. Therefore, Abja Face Oil can be used even for small kids.

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Abja products are formulated using the ancient knowledge of Indian Medicine, Ayurveda. All the active ingredients used in these products have herbal medicinal base. They are not categorized in the ingredients having harmful effect. Therefore, all Abja products are suitable to use by everyone.

All Abja products have herbal medicinal active ingredients and have specific shelf-life. To obtain the maximum effect from Abja products, they are required to store in cool and dry place. When the products are not in use, the caps should be properly closed. 

Parabens are used in cosmetic products for the purpose of preservation with which growth of the harmful bacteria is halted for the protection of the product as well as its user. Abja products being formulated with ayurvedic herbal medicines, we have used mostly naturally occurring preservation agents but wherever essential, the amount of preservatives have been kept just enough as specified by the FDA authority.

The common meaning of pH as per chemistry is power of Hydrogen. It is a scale developed by scientists to calculate the acidity or alkalinity in the element. It is the scale of 0 to 14 where value 7 is considered as neutral. Having pH value less than 7 makes the element acidic and more than 7 makes it alkaline in nature. The skin care products having ph around 6.5 are most effective and less harmful as they are close to our skin ph.

As abja face cream is an oil based product, people with oily skin may experience mild perspiration (specifically more in hot & humid weather) after it’s application. We advise them to use lesser quantity of cream & massage till it gets absorbed completely.

Abja products are formulated by the age-old herbal ingredients prescribed in the texts of Ayurveda. These ingredients have been in use for human consumption for centuries and are seen doing no harm to the humans. Therefore, no animal testing is done for Abja products during the process of product development.