The concept behind ABJA (अब्जा)

Abja is a Sanskrit name derived from the word (अप्) which means water. When it is associated with the root jan (जन्) meaning to born, the word Abja (अब्जा) is formed. Which means one that is born from water.

The first life on the earth was considered to be evolved in water. Each and every living being needs water to survive. Water is called the ‘elixir of life’. At the same time, the synonym for water is ‘Jivan’ in Sanskrit which translates to ‘life’. Water signifies vitality.

Abja is a brand that has come up with hair and skin care remedies from the ancient, documented and most scientific knowledge, Ayurveda. As the name suggest, Abja born from water, has acquired all the properties of water i.e. purity, transparency, vitality. Hence, our products are as pure, as vital, as soothing and as transparent as water. We say, what we believe & we do, what we say.

''Nature has all the healing properties and Ayurveda is the path that leads us to the Nature’s healing treasures.''


“I started my own ayurvedic consultancy in 2001, with a post graduate degree in Ayurveda (MD), blessings of Lord Dhanvantari, best wishes of my family, friends and relatives, teachings of great physicians and philosophers like Charak, Sushrut and Vagbhat, professional secrets taught by my gurus and last but not the least, the immense faith in the teachings of Ayurveda that say,

नानौषधिभूतं जगति किञ्चित् द्रव्यमुपलभ्यते |
meaning, there is not a single thing in the nature that is not medicine.

As per ayurvedic understanding, nature has all the healing properties and Ayurveda is the path that leads us to the Nature’s healing treasures. As the years passed, my faith in Ayurveda grew stronger and stronger. However, during this time, I noticed that due to improper diet, pollution and modified lifestyle, the skin and hair problems were increasing day by day and to my surprise, there were not enough ayurvedic skin and hair care brands that had a potential to treat the skin and hair conditions along with enhancing the beauty. Most of the products had strong and harmful chemicals. I was smitten by the idea of making authentic, pure and harmless ayurvedic beauty wellness products for my patients. Hence, I enrolled myself onto Ayush certified course on ayurvedic cosmetology. Thus the seeds of Abja got planted.